Vice & Virtue

You deserve incredible coffee. We can make that happen.


Vice & Virtue Coffee is a micro-batch, artisan coffee roaster in Memphis, Tennessee. And we want to give you access to some of the best coffee on the planet. So we partner with ethical cultivators, harvesters, and processors who believe, like you do, that coffee is more than a drink.

Our process starts with sourcing impeccable green coffee from farmers who grow and harvest it with obsessive care. We then experiment with different roasting styles to coax the most complexity and flavor from each bean. We think it’s the only way to end up with jaw-dropping coffee. Try some for yourself and see if you agree.

Why specialty coffee?

Vice & Virtue only roasts specialty-grade coffees — a distinction only a small fraction of the world’s coffee is good enough to earn. And just a small percentage of that actually makes it into a Vice & Virtue bag. That’s because we try to curate the most interesting, flavorful, and exciting beans we can, so you can experience an incredible cup of coffee. We’re proud members of the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) and support a fair, sustainable future for the coffee industry and the people who touch every part of it.


Who’s behind Vice & Virtue Coffee?

We’re glad you asked. We’re Tim and Teri Perkins, the coffee-crazed team behind every Vice & Virtue bean. Once, a cup of coffee was just a daily crutch for us. But things changed when we realized that coffee can be enticing, invigorating, and even provocative. The depth and complexity of this little bean and the culture surrounding it started us down a path full of wild flavors, personalities, and emotions.

We took that spark and began roasting coffee at home. After three years of trial, error, and a whole lot of learning, we enrolled in the SCA’s Roaster Pathway training program, investing countless hours honing our craft and understanding the science of roasting. As our passion for coffee grew, so did our roasting operation. One commercial roaster later, and Vice & Virtue was born. We now operate our micro-batch roastery in the Broad Ave Arts District of Memphis, Tennessee, and we’re excited for what the future holds.

In the news. . . .

Our coffees are available wholesale. Contact us for details.