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La Estrella Natural - Colombia

Product image 1La Estrella Natural - Colombia
Product image 2La Estrella Natural - Colombia

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Whole Bean (Not Ground)
Coarse Ground (French Press)
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La Estrella Natural — Colombia 

  • Country | Region: Colombia | Nariño
  • Farm | Producer:  La Estrella | Aura Eliza Nupan
  • Tasting Notes: Sassafras, pineapple, 80% dark chocolate, sweet cream
  • Processing: ♻️ Natural 
  • Altitude: ⛰ 1970 Meters
  • Variety: 🍃 Caturra

Farm Description:
Aura Eliza Nupan takes very attentive care of Finca La Estrella, her farm in the town of Buenos Aires in the municipality of La Union, Nariño. This lot is from the La Ramada lot of the farm. Aura carefully selects ripe cherries and begins post harvest processing by sorting out immature and over ripe cherries through removing “floaters'' when the cherries are immersed in water. The next step is manually sorting cherries to ensure consistency.
Due to the farm’s humid climate, cherries dry for up to two months in a parabolic dryer where they are exposed to the sun during the day and are moved constantly to avoid mold formation and to dry the coffee evenly. In the dryer, the cherries are covered overnight to avoid the early morning dew and maintain an even moisture content.

Aura constantly observes climate conditions, as they tend to vary drastically. Aura stores Finca La Estrella’s dried cherries in a dry warehouse in jute bags for the first ten days and then lets the cherries rest until they are dry milled and placed in GrainPro. Both the coffee trees and the fruit they produce are treated with special care at Finca La Estrella.

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