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Bourbon Barrel-Aged Coffee

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Whole Bean (Not Ground)
Coarse Ground (French Press)
Fine Ground (Auto Drip/Pour-Over)


Ayarza Wine Series Aged in Blue Note Bourbon Barrels

  • Country | Region: Guatemala | Santa Rosa
  • Tasting: Merlot grape, Granny Smith apple, Tennessee whiskey, and a hint of charred white oak
  • Processing: ♻️ Washed process, then barrel-aged in freshly emptied Blue Note Bourbon barrels
  • Altitude: ⛰ 1800 MASL
  • Variety: 🍃 Bourbon, Caturra, Typica
  • Nt. Wt. 8 oz.

We've teamed up with Memphis' own Blue Note Bourbon for a brand new coffee experience. We carefully age specialty-grade green coffee in Blue Note's freshly emptied barrels to soak up the delicious "Devil's cut" then roast it to perfection. It's the perfect coffee for bourbon lovers.

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