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Good Temper - Brazil/Guatemala Blend

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Origin: Brazil Sul Des Minas, Guatemala El Naranjo

Flavors: Dark Chocolate-Covered Almonds, Nutmeg, Black Currant

Processing: Honeyed/Washed 

Altitude: 1080-1500 MASL

Variety: Bourbon, Caturra, Pache 

12oz Bag


Cooperativa Varginha, Minasul, founded in 1958, has solid values such as respect, transparency, and excellence. With 7,5000 members, it receives coffee from more than 150 cities in Minas Gerais. The mission of Minasul is to stimulate the improvement of quality and promote the potential that its region has to produce specialty coffee. Working for over 60 years they have built strong relationships with producers and now have a wide range of support for their members. They have consulting and financial programs, a field academy that teaches businesses and agricultural management of farms, a technical assistance team of trained professionals, and a large healthcare network aimed at taking care of members. Coop Varginha works with UTZ, 4C, Fair Trade, USDA Organic, and Rainforest Alliance. Coffee arrives from the farm to the cooperative and is carefully prepared with modern machinery and experienced professionals and is evaluated for quality until ready for export.

Finca El Naranjo is a small farm in the highlands of La Democracia, in Huehuetenango. In 1985, Manuel Velasquez Aguilar purchased his first plot from Juan Pérez and Francisca Morales. The land was originally utilized for corn, sugar cane production, with a smaller portion dedicated to coffee. Slowly, Manuel and his family planted fruit trees throughout the land, and replaced cornfields with Bourbon, Caturra, and Pache coffee plants. In 1995, Manuel's father Pascual Velásquez gave him another lot as inheritance. Manuel is proud to be a certified organic producer, and is exemplary of ASOPCE standards. Fertilizer is obtained vermiculture compost cultivated on the farm, from a combination of cherry pulp, plants and farm animal waste

Our Process

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Our process starts with sourcing impeccable green coffee from farmers who grow and harvest it with obsessive care. We then experiment with different roasting styles to coax the most complexity and flavor from each bean. We think it’s the only way to end up with jaw-dropping coffee. Try some for yourself and see if you agree.
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