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Panela Sticky Pink Bourbon, José Giraldo of Café 1959

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Origin: El Diamante Estate, Acevedo, Huila, Colombia

Tasting: Nectarine, Papaya, Magnolia Flower, Marzipan

Process: Double-washed Anaerobic

Altitude: 1750 MASL

Variety: Pink Bourbon


10oz Bag


Coffee cherries are collected in the ripest stage when there is a ripe pink color (22 Brix degrees), from there comes the reason why this variety is named as PINK BOURBON -- really it is theorized that it is a cross mutation between native Ethiopian accession and bourbon plants, good production, beautiful pink ripening and the sweetest mucílage you have ever imagined are the general characteristics of this varietal. Finca el Diamante is the home place where this coffee is growing, Located in the South of the Huila region, this coffee grows in the 1.750 MASL, as part of our program in Cafe1959 that process different cherries from different farms, we partner in up with El Diamante in order to make a collab where we can create a product sweet, clean, bright and easy to drink for the market.Pink bourbon has the perfect level of sweetness for pursueing the creation of the PANELA STICKY, cherries were collected and put into Grainpro Bags in order to start the 13 hour nighttime trip from Huila to Quindio (Where the 1959 fermentation and drying facility is located). Traveling during the night helps us to control the temperature in the first stage of the fermentation, that takes place in the truck. After arriving in Quindio, and completing the 24 hr, we pulped the coffee and then we put it into closed tanks in order to have other 24hr anaerobic fermentation, after this we open the tank, washed the coffee, we rinse it and put again into a dry closed tank for having another 24 hr fermentation, we washed it again, rinse and put into the raised drying beds.We send this coffee into a long slow dried in average during 40 days under shade. 

Our Process

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Our process starts with sourcing impeccable green coffee from farmers who grow and harvest it with obsessive care. We then experiment with different roasting styles to coax the most complexity and flavor from each bean. We think it’s the only way to end up with jaw-dropping coffee. Try some for yourself and see if you agree.
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