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Well, isn't that special?

"Well, isn't that special!" — The Church Lady Who better to pass judgment on vices and virtues than Enid Strict, D...

The Third Wave of Coffee

In coffee houses nationwide, people gather for a sense of belonging to a shared experience as much for the love of coffee itself.  Whether it’s the enticing aroma, the provocative flavor, or the wildly inspirational latte art, coffee is more than a drink — it’s a culture.

A Grind is a Terrible Thing to Waste

Memphis is all about the grit and the grind — which is great if you're talking basketball, but not so much if the topic is coffee (the "grit" part, at least).  Next to buying a fresh-roasted, whole-bean specialty coffee, the three variables that most affect the quality of your cup are the grind, your water, and your choice of brew method
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